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EDP’s Annual General Shareholders Meeting (20/02/2012)

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Portuguese Shareholders Association (ATM) will participate in the EDP's General Shareholders' Meeting to be held on 20/02/2012. For details of the company please see: EDP's Investor Relations

If you want to give us a representation letter/agreement or power of  attorney please email us.

According to article 14/1 of the Articles of Association of EDP, only shareholders with voting right may attend the General Shareholders’ Meeting, as well as the persons whose presence is considered as justified by the Chairman of the General Shareholders’ Meeting.

To each share corresponds one vote.

Shareholders may only participate at the General Shareholders’ Meeting, in person or through a representative, or exercise its voting rights by correspondence, by post or electronically, if such Shareholders own, at least, one share since 00:00 hours (GMT) of the 5th negotiation day prior to the date of General Shareholders’ Meeting (“Registration Date”).

Shareholders that intend to participate at the General Shareholders’ Meeting must declare previously and in writing such intention, (i) to the Chairman of the General Shareholders’ Meeting and (ii) to the financial intermediary to which the book-entry registry of the shares has been entrusted, until 23:59 hours (GMT) of the day prior to the Registration date. For this effect, Shareholders may use the automatic formulary of statement available on this website or the formulary available in paper at EDP’s registered seat, from the date the notice to convene the meeting is disclosed.

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